At Artistic Villas, we are committed to preserving the beauty of St. John and the Virgin Islands. We are ‘eco-friendly”, and we're trying to keep plastics off our island, and out of the landfill. Help us be a plastic-free property. 

We try to encourage everyone NOT to buy single-use water bottles. The water in the refrigerator is triple-filtered. When you need it replenished, please leave the bottle outside on the window sill.

We compost! We have containers in all of the units. You can put organic materials in; coffee grounds, veggies & fruit peels, in the containers. Questions, ask Donald.

During the day when you are out of the unit, we ask you to turn off the air, lights, and fans. At night when going out, you can leave the air on and one light. We thank you for working with us and helping our environment.


PLASTICS - # 1, 2, and 5. Please clean out the containers - NO FOOD. Place the empty containers in the blue bins we have on the porch.

CANS - rinse and put in the blue bin on the porch. They can go in the same ones as plastic.

GLASS - empty, clean, and place the bottles outside on the window sill and we will get them. We use glass bottles in our pottery. Our signs, magic stones, and dishes all have recycled glass.